Thursday, December 30, 2010

Score at the Store #2

Today I decided to go to a local Asian market.  Did I ever score!  WooHoo!  I found fresh/frozen seaweed, sea weed jelly, almost one pound Shiitake mushrooms for under $3, one pound Oyster mushroom for $3, 1 pkg Crab mushroom, 1 pkg White Beech mushroom, two pounds baby bok choy, one pound Persian cucumbers, two pounds Small Gai Choy, Chinese eggplant, and one purple-flesh sweet potatoe.

I don't believe the sea weed jelly is the same as Kelp noodles, but we had a language barrier that made it difficult to describe what I was needing.  The sea weed jelly is made from sea weed extract, Aloe Vera Gel powder, water, sodium alginate, salt.  It looks like kelp noodles but it isn't.  

I can't wait to use the mushroom in some delicious recipe!  I couldn't believe the price!  I know the bok choy won't be good in a green smoothie, but maybe in a raw stir fry or raw soup with a Miso base.  THEN!  As if this bounty wasn't fantastic enough, I bought a case of nine young coconuts for $14!!!!  Yahoo!  I'm going to crack one open this afternoon during my cleaning break.  Happy dance!


I want to thinly slice, season and dehydrate the eggplant for delicious crackers.  I will be sure to take pictures of that treat!  The Bok Choy will go into spring rolls or raw Miso soup.  The mushrooms I may just eat as is, but spring rolls or chopped into a kale salad would be so good!

The coconuts are good as they are, but I will have to look up some pudding or smoothie drinks using young coconut meat.

It is so hard to shop at the Asian market without spending too much. I could easily blow my budget!  Pictures of the delicious meals made from today's Score at the Store coming soon!

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