Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sometimes I feel stronger in my food choices when I am around my friends than when with my family.  Maybe it's because my family sees the real me and know I have weaknesses but my friends only know about the weaknesses I tell them about.  They don't really get to see them for themselves.  I don't know.

Anyway, yesterday (Saturday) I was able to go to our ladies brunch at church.  It's always so much fun.  The tables are decorated by a hostess, using their own china, or paperware, decorations and candles.  Each table is an individual work of art!  I knew before going there would be food I just didn't want to eat so I packed a container of fruit salad and a 32oz bottle of green smoothie.

As brunch was served I felt my mouth water at the sight of the cinnamon coffee cake and mound of potatoe casserole.  I just stared at it, thinking, "Just one taste."  But I know me.  "Just one taste" would set of an entire day of eating foods that would not make me feel good later.  My friend next to me looked at me looking at my plate and she said, "You can't eat that, can you?"  "No, I can't."

To tell the truth, I could have eaten every crumb on that plate and been happy!  But the fact she knew I was eating to live gave me the strength to pull out my container, take my plate to a private corner and pour that beautiful fruit salad out.  When I came back to the table everyone was very interested in what was in that salad.  Here's was I threw together:  leftover raw cranberry relish, one Clementine and one kiwi.  It was beautiful and it tasted SO delicious.  I didn't miss eating that cake and casserole.  (I did take it home for my son to enjoy for lunch.)

My choice to eat my fruit salad gave me the strength to stay strong throughout (most) of the day.  I was able to talk to a woman at the table who was diagnosed with ARD (acid reflux disease) about drinking green smoothies.  Maybe she will try them, maybe she won't.  I did let her try my green smoothie, though I don't think she liked it much since they aren't as sweet as they were when I first began drinking them.

I did admit to my friend that this whole way of eating has been a two-year process.  I didn't just go cold turkey eating raw vegan.  I'm stronger today than I was four months ago.  It's easier today to choose a smoothie over chicken (most of the time).  It's easier to simply taste a piece of cake instead of shoveling a large piece in my face.

Every day I become stronger in my food choices.  Stronger in voicing my thoughts on eating raw vegan. I am stronger for me.

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