Thursday, August 26, 2010


I promise to not lose myself!  We are in the last days of getting a wedding put together.  While I have so many thoughts about my raw life racing through my head, there simply isn't time to get them all journalized  here.  Sunday, when I am resting I may be able to get my thoughts together.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fortitude and Raw Food

Cultivate Bravery

Yesterday on Raw Food Rehab Penni spoke to us about FORTITUDE.  She defines fortitude as a "'mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously. Courage is another word that embodies fortitude... '".  Fortitude/courage can be broken down into four categories, the first one being BRAVERY.  These are the definitions of bravery given by Penni on RFR.  I could not have said it better than she.

Bravery is defined as “the ability to do what needs to be done despite fear”.

There are several forms of this bravery:

Physical Bravery involves acting in spite of possible harm to one’s body. 

Moral Bravery involves acting in a way that enhances what one believes to be good in spite of social disapproval and possible backlash. 

Psychological Bravery which involves things such as overcoming one’s own addicting habits, irrational anxieties, and harmful dependent relationships. Psychological bravery means acting against one’s own natural inclinations and facing fears which might not have any societal moral implications.

Bravery is a trait, just like creativity or sensitivity might be considered a trait; however, it is widely believed that bravery is a positive psychological trait that is found and can be cultivated in most individuals

The questions she asked us to consider can be a real door opener for the heart and mind of why I choose to eat the way I do.

How have you been courageous or brave so far on your journey with raw foods?
I don't know that I feel so brave or courageous in my journey with raw food.  Maybe facing the occasional ribbing from my family about what I eat/drink and still persevering is an act of courage.  Even the every day joking from co-workers about my "green slime" or "eating weeds" could be considered courage.  Personally, I don't care if they tease.  It's my life and I prefer to be healthy AND happy.  Imagine being able to do both at the same time!

Do you feel this is a character trait in which you are lacking?
I don't believe I lack courage.  Sometimes if something is unknown I don't do my usual dive in feet first without looking.  But instead I ease into it and gather information and find people who are already doing what I am interested in.  I don't mind waving my "freak flag" in the crowd!

Do you believe courageousness is something that you are willing to cultivate to help you reach your personal health & weight loss goals?
"Cultivate".  That could be an entire post all on it's own.  To cultivate something, anything, is to nurture it, care for it, give the "something" what it needs to thrive, surround it with good-for-it people, information, love, acceptance.  Surrounding myself with like-minded people is a courageous act all in it's own.  There is the chance of alienating the people you used to go to for support and help.

Courage comes from deep within.  It isn't some piece emotional jewelry we wear to accessorize our day. It comes from the gut and sometimes it wells up like a geyser.  I don't think courage is a trickle or leak.  It as an action that wells up in us.  It is too easy to live the kind of life everyone else thinks you should live.

To just go with the flow.  When we "go with the flow" all we are doing is drifting.  There really isn't any effort to floating along.  But when we decide to go against the current, go against what society believes, and swim in the opposite direction, that is courage.  It takes effort and work, perseverance,  FORTITUDE, COURAGE, BRAVERY.  It's all action baby!

I think the people I am mainly surrounded with right now accept that I choose to eat the way I do and are mildly curious.  Being on Raw Food Rehab and surrounding myself with people who are on the same journey is very helpful.  They cultivate in me hope, health, laughter, peace, acceptance, ideas, information, support, a shoulder to cry on, and courage to continue on the journey I undertook several weeks ago.

Do I feel courageous?  I do.  There is also the courage to share what I am learning with other people. THAT takes an enormous amount of courage because you take the chance of "in-your-face" ridicule; not something any of us particularly want.  But if something feels so right and healthy and happy why would I keep that to myself?  I want to encourage others to have the courage to live a life that will help them live better.

My challenge to myself and to anyone who reads this:  Let's do something courageous, something outside our waffle pocket, that we have never done before.

"'Wait for the Lord: Be strong and let your heart take courage: Yes, wait for the Lord.'"  Psalm 27:14

"'The only fundamental rule for me is to just be yourself.  Let your freak-flag fly, and if someone doesn't get you, move on.'"  Drew Barrymore

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Five Week Journey

We've all heard it said that if you do something, anything you want to make a habit, for two weeks it will become ingrained in you.  Well, it took longer than two weeks for me, more like five weeks.  Deciding to go 100% is the best decision for me.  Not only am I healthier but I believe I am leading my family by example and they are making small steps to making healthier choices.

This is the beginning of week six.  It is easier to drink juices and smoothies and eat the occasional food to fill in the empty spots.  It was a long road to get here.  I found it is impossible on my own strength.  A new friend on Raw Food Rehab reminded that I can do nothing apart from God.  And that would include eating better.  This past week it has really hit me that I need God to help me on the raw food journey as much as I need Him in every area of my life.

There are so many successes in such a short time.

1)  I have released six pounds (doesn't sound like much but that was all in one week)

2)  I have tons of energy

3)  food is no longer my emotional security blanket

4)  meat no long tastes good

5)  I actually crave greens, green juices, and smoothies

6)  my hair is very healthy

7)  my fingernails are getting harder and stronger

8)  my allergies are gone

9)  my IBS is GONE!

10)  I don't need deodorant like I used to

This is enough of a reason to continue on this journey.  I wish the rest of my family could feel as good as I do.  But I can only make decisions for myself.  What is keeping you from having great successes in your life?  Are you sure it isn't your food?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lost or Released?

On Raw Food Rehab we have a weekly weigh in.  There is a phrase several people us to describe a weight loss, "___ pounds released".  I like that instead of "___ pounds lost".

When something is lost there is an understanding that we are going to look for and find that lost item.  When something is released it has been set free or we are freed of it.  When I say I have "lost weight", or whatever the addiction, I don't have any plans of getting that weight back.  I want to be free of it.  I don't want it back.

God set me free.  I am free from the burden of my own sin.  I have been released of it.  I don't want any of it back.  So what are you doing with the things or habits in your life?  Are you only losing them or have you released them?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jumpin' in or ease it slowly

Are you the type of person that just jumps right into something new?  You hear about a new craft, project, mission, whatever and jump right into it feet first, eyes wide open to the exciting possibilities?  Or do sit back and listen to the details, make lists, research information then ease on into it?

Typically I just jump right in, gather the necessary ingredients for a project and go with it.  Sometimes it is something worth doing over and over.  Other times, once or twice is enough and I'm over it.

When it comes to changing from SAD diet to an all raw, I have eased into the lifestyle.  Not so much because of a lack of information, but because it's been hard giving up some of my SAD fall-back foods such as chips and pastries.  For the last year or so I have gradually changed from 100% SAD to 2% to 5% SAD.  And just within the past five weeks at Raw Food Rehab I have gone to about 75% juices and green smoothies, 20% raw foods, and 5% or less SAD.

This has definitely been a gradual change over.  I am an emotional eater and crave comfort foods like pastries of some kind, plain potatoe chips, anything that brings back good memories.  In the past five weeks I have been about 98% to 100% raw and learning not to comfort myself with food but to step back and really look at what is causing the sudden desire to not deal with reality and just cover the emotion of the moment with food.  Any food, even raw food.  For about the first three weeks I was pretty unbearable, crabby, short fuse, whiney, snarky... well, you get the idea.

The results of eating so well and staying with it this long are beginning to show.  My moods have mellowed out and I'm feeling more on an even keel.  The emotional food cravings are pretty much disappearing.  I am slowing gathering information that is out there {and there is a lot!} from trusted sources and people.

So for once, I have eased into something and the process has been as enjoyable, fun even!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Young Coconuts

I came home from work so hungry.  My 32 oz. green smoothie didn't stick to my ribs today.  I knew if I didn't go in with tunnel vision concerning what I would eat when I got home I would munch on SAD.  On my drive home I thought about that delicious young coconut in my refrigerator.  How cold the mylk would be and how sweet and yummy the coconut meat would taste.  As soon as I walked through the door I headed straight for the fridge, grabbed that coconut, whacked it open and drank down that sweet nectar!  Oh how satisfying!  As I'm typing I'm eating the meat.  Bliss!

I'm going to make a stop at the health food store for different greens to make a few gallons of green juice.  Being prepared ahead of time makes it easier to stay raw and juicy.  It's when I'm caught staring into the fridge with nothing in mind that I falter.  Does anyone else have that trouble?

Well, off to the store for some delish greens and who knows what else they have!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rawkin' it Raw

I have been <partially> raw for about a year and a half.  Just recently I started on a journey for 11 weeks to be 100% raw.  Have I been perfect?  Nope!  Am I carrying any guilt?  Double nope!!  I've decided that if I choose to eat something that is going to make me feel like doo-doo later, that's my own fault.  I didn't have to the SAD food but I chose to.

Yesterday I was 100% raw.  It felt so right.  Even when we went through McD's drive-through I didn't order and I didn't feel like I was missing anything.  I just drank my juice and ate a big chunk of sweet watermelon.

I like that people call "going raw" a journey.  It isn't necessarily the end result it's all the processes, and knowledge acquired, and people you meet, and things you do along the.  I don't want to arrive at the end in pristine condition.  I want to come to a screeching halt with hair flying and mascara smudged yelling, "WOW!  That's was one heck of a ride!"

I'm not perfect.  I'm forgiven by God (not for eating a cheeseburger instead of carrots, but all the other stupid stuff I do) and I am forgiven by myself.
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