Saturday, December 11, 2010

Score at the Store!

It was already a long morning shopping for groceries.  We're expecting yucky weather and my husband didn't want us to be short on supplies.  So there I am in the crowded grocery stores (yes plural; habit learned from my mom) wandering around without a list.  It is so very dangerous to go without a list!  I'm navigating the aisles at Sam's Club when I round the corner and see... 2 pounds of Medjool Dates on sale for $4.50 each!  Holy sweet tooth, Batman!  I grabbed three and wished I could get more.  Joy and rapture!  Medjools!!

And as if that wasn't a surprise, Aldi had Sunflower Seed Bread and Whole Rye Bread for .89!  No wheat!  Talk about blessed!  If this bread tastes good I'll have to head back and grab some more.

Now I need to think of things to do with the dates.  They are too delish to just throw in my smoothies.  Today for my shopping excursion and I took the pits out and replaced them with Brazil Nuts.  That way I'm not hungry and therefore too weak to resist any sample temptations out there.  I have my green smoothie made with collards, bananas, and frozen peaches and Medjool treats to keep me going.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find more raw deliciousness in the stores!  I really enjoy scoring big at the store!  It's like winning the lottery!

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