Thursday, December 23, 2010

Procrastination=Stress & Frustration (PSF)

Ugh!  I hate it when I wait until the last minute to do something.  Unfortunately, some of my best work comes from waiting, but along with it comes the stress and frustration.  Those three things combined are a dangerous affliction known as PSF.  It often leads me to eat uncontrollably and generally it isn't going to be anything healthy!

After two years of green smoothie-ing and eating high raw, why do I still reach for comfort foods?  It is getting easier to choose not to eat anything at all but there are those days when nothing but junk will do it.  I know it's all in my mind, but come on!  How is it all so wired in my head that I need a Snickerdoodle to push the stress down?  It really all was taught to me by my momma.  If I had a bad day at school (I often did) she medicated with food.  She taught me to eat when stressed.  I won't go into the kinds of food she fixed me with so suffice it to say it wasn't good.

So when I procrastinate I pretty much set myself up to subconsciously eat.  And that is usually what happens.  My brain puts my body into auto-pilot mode and I have eaten half a bag of chips before I realize I don't even like BBQ chips!

I'm going to work on changing that.  The next initiative in the "Hab" is called Resolve to Evolve.  That is what I plan on doing.  Working on getting more exercise into my day and removing the auto-pilot from my way of thinking.  Procrastination is something that will be ongoing simply because I am a great procrastinator!  So, for those of us suffering from PSF, let's work on removing the "P" because that will get rid of the S&F!

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