Sunday, January 23, 2011

Score at the Store - #3

I had another great trip to m favorite Asian market.  The fresh produce there is like nothing I will find at Whole Foods or any other specialty market plus the prices RAWk!  Here is a shot of my score:  On the left
is a 1 lb pkg of jalapeno peppers, large top radish, Enoki mushrooms (these look like thin straws with a little ball on the tip), King Oyster mushrooms, fresh okra, pea vine tips, and four oriental eggplant.  For the King Oyster mushrooms I have some nut cheez ferementing and I plan on stuffing them and then dehydrating to warm them a bit.  I'm not sure if marinating the mushrooms would work for this, but I may do that just to add some extra flavor.
The okra is for an okra tomatoe salad I found in The Kitchen at the RFR.  It sounded so good when I found it a couple months ago but okra season was passed.  Now I can make it!  Mmmm!  The eggplant will be thinly sliced and sprinkled with some spices then dehydrated.  These make great chips.

Now these are interesting!  They are a large bottomed radish.  I have not eaten one yet.  I may just slice them up to taste them before adding them to any recipe.  See what I mean about "specialty"?!  I just love visiting this market because you never know what produce they will have.  If you have an asian market I urge you to check them out.  You will be hooked!

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