Monday, January 10, 2011

Dealing with Emotional Eating

Right now I am dealing with some emotional eating issues.  I figured at some point on my raw journey I would deal with emotional eating so I am not surprised that I'm not dealing with it as well as I would want.  Too much candy, coffee and toast today and now I have heartburn.  Ugh!  After writing this blog I plan on blending up a nice green smoothie.   I know that will definitely put the cool-down on the discomfort.

Now I just have to deal with the cause of the stress that causes me go into "Mindless Eating Mode". Easier said than done as we emotional eaters know.  It still is frustrating to realize that I don't really have a handle on emotional eating and my not ever.  This just may be something I'll deal with all my life.  Maybe it will get easier to make better eating choices or even the choice not to eat at all when I am stressed.  Who knows.  I have always said this is a journey and there is a lot to see while on it.  I'll get there but the fun is in the adventures of the ride!

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