Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Does Fat Look Like?

It is hard to imagine the weight one loses because we really can't see the fat.  We just know our clothes fit better or we feel better or whatever.  Years ago, when I did W.W., our leader did a visual lesson.  She had her local butcher (meat counter guy) package up 5 lbs. and 10 lbs. of fat.  Talk about a great visual!  To actually see what 5 lbs of fat looked like was mind blowing.

I have lost only 6 pounds but I still remember what the 5 lb. package of fat looks like and I know it is a lot!  See if you butcher will package some out for you.  {Then give it to your friend who makes soap.  She can render it down.}

Below is a visual of what 5 lbs of fat and 5 lbs of muscle look like.  The next time you think, "I have only lost 5 pounds", go to you local market and ask the butcher to show you 5 lbs. of fat.  You'll never say that to yourself again!

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