Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Been a Long Two Weeks

Well, the wedding is over.  It was absolutely beautiful!  The bride was beautiful, the groom very handsome, the weather was perfect.  So, is anyone wondering how I did on the raw food journey?

Let me tell you.  I didn't do bad but I didn't stay raw.  The week was so busy I forgot to make and drink smoothies, juices, or even water.  There was a bit of finger licking and some taste testing, but not as much as I would done 18 months ago.  That in itself is a positive thing!  Even after all of that I only gained 1 pound.  It could have been worse so I'm not upset with a 1 pound weight gain!

This week has been a little harder to get back on track.  But my weight is actually staying the same.  Having all the leftover wedding treats in the house hasn't helped because my main weakness is pastry.  Any kind of pastry, but especially made-from-scratch cake.

This morning I made 76 ounces of a delicious green smoothie.  So far I've managed to drink about 12 ounces.  :op.

OH!  Good news!  My husband is ready to change how he eats and I am SO very proud of him.  It is such a hard decision to change the way one eats.  Because food is used for more than simply nourishing our bodies.  We use it as an upper, as an antidepressant, to help us not feel lonely or angry or happy, sad and so many other reasons.  However my husband uses food he has decided it is time to change.  To be healthier and eat better.

I can hardly wait for the thinner, sexier (he's always been sexy to me!) hubby!  I am so giddy that he is finally ready to take his health seriously.  For his sake and for the sake of the kids and me.  Send up a prayer we both stay on this journey together!

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