Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have an awful habit of comparing myself to other women.  Like apples to oranges.  Why can't I be taller?  Why won't my hair do that?  She is so Godly and has her quiet time with God every single day, why won't I do that?  She has it all together and I can't find where I put it.  What is wrong with me?

All self destructive.  It doesn't build me up.  Talk like that doesn't help me feel good about myself or my choices.  It makes me feel like a loser, a failure.  But God doesn't make losers or failures.  Thank goodness!

It's the same with eating raw.  Why can't I motivate myself to do a 3-day juice feast, let alone a 40-day juice feast?  What is wrong with me?  She can do it, why can't I?  She creates delicious raw recipes and stays 100% raw 100% of the time.  She can do it, why can't I?

The thing is, nobody is perfectly perfect 100% of the time.  I just convince myself they are.  If I were to have the chance to talk with them I bet I would find they struggle with food on a daily basis just like me.  We all struggle with something when it comes to changing our eating style.

So what am I comparing myself to?  An image.  A figment of my own imagination.  I've set someone up on a pedestal (where they would probably rather not be) to be imitated.  I am trying to follow something that does not exist:  a perfect person.  Whether it is in the area of Godliness, home, work or eating.  God should be the only One I follow.  I should be comparing myself to Jesus.  I should be looking up to Jesus.  I need to be talking with Jesus about my concerns, doubts, worries, food, whatever because He actually cares about every little thing in my life.

God made me fun-sized (shorter).  So what?!  I'm a perfect fit with my husband.  My hair is thin and fine.  Who cares?  I found a great beautician who makes it look wonderful.  I choose not to have a quiet time with God.  Now that is something to care about.  He cares!  There is nothing wrong with me.  I cannot compare my life with anyone else's because their life is theirs and my life is mine.  My life will never be anyone else's.

And that's a good thing!

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