Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Young Coconuts

I came home from work so hungry.  My 32 oz. green smoothie didn't stick to my ribs today.  I knew if I didn't go in with tunnel vision concerning what I would eat when I got home I would munch on SAD.  On my drive home I thought about that delicious young coconut in my refrigerator.  How cold the mylk would be and how sweet and yummy the coconut meat would taste.  As soon as I walked through the door I headed straight for the fridge, grabbed that coconut, whacked it open and drank down that sweet nectar!  Oh how satisfying!  As I'm typing I'm eating the meat.  Bliss!

I'm going to make a stop at the health food store for different greens to make a few gallons of green juice.  Being prepared ahead of time makes it easier to stay raw and juicy.  It's when I'm caught staring into the fridge with nothing in mind that I falter.  Does anyone else have that trouble?

Well, off to the store for some delish greens and who knows what else they have!

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