Friday, August 20, 2010

Lost or Released?

On Raw Food Rehab we have a weekly weigh in.  There is a phrase several people us to describe a weight loss, "___ pounds released".  I like that instead of "___ pounds lost".

When something is lost there is an understanding that we are going to look for and find that lost item.  When something is released it has been set free or we are freed of it.  When I say I have "lost weight", or whatever the addiction, I don't have any plans of getting that weight back.  I want to be free of it.  I don't want it back.

God set me free.  I am free from the burden of my own sin.  I have been released of it.  I don't want any of it back.  So what are you doing with the things or habits in your life?  Are you only losing them or have you released them?

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