Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jumpin' in or ease it slowly

Are you the type of person that just jumps right into something new?  You hear about a new craft, project, mission, whatever and jump right into it feet first, eyes wide open to the exciting possibilities?  Or do sit back and listen to the details, make lists, research information then ease on into it?

Typically I just jump right in, gather the necessary ingredients for a project and go with it.  Sometimes it is something worth doing over and over.  Other times, once or twice is enough and I'm over it.

When it comes to changing from SAD diet to an all raw, I have eased into the lifestyle.  Not so much because of a lack of information, but because it's been hard giving up some of my SAD fall-back foods such as chips and pastries.  For the last year or so I have gradually changed from 100% SAD to 2% to 5% SAD.  And just within the past five weeks at Raw Food Rehab I have gone to about 75% juices and green smoothies, 20% raw foods, and 5% or less SAD.

This has definitely been a gradual change over.  I am an emotional eater and crave comfort foods like pastries of some kind, plain potatoe chips, anything that brings back good memories.  In the past five weeks I have been about 98% to 100% raw and learning not to comfort myself with food but to step back and really look at what is causing the sudden desire to not deal with reality and just cover the emotion of the moment with food.  Any food, even raw food.  For about the first three weeks I was pretty unbearable, crabby, short fuse, whiney, snarky... well, you get the idea.

The results of eating so well and staying with it this long are beginning to show.  My moods have mellowed out and I'm feeling more on an even keel.  The emotional food cravings are pretty much disappearing.  I am slowing gathering information that is out there {and there is a lot!} from trusted sources and people.

So for once, I have eased into something and the process has been as enjoyable, fun even!

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