Sunday, November 21, 2010

Off again on again...

I have never really given any thought to eating SAD then trying to correct my poor eating choices by green smoothie-ing and eating fruits and veg.  I found out from a friend on RFR (Raw Food Rehab) who had been on Matt Monarch's page that yo-yo ing back and forth between raw and SAD was actually damaging my cells.  Stretching them on SAD because I'm bloated with gases then shrinking back when I decide I want to be high raw.

Well, I think I'm done with that.  I have had a lot of comments on how young I look or how hot I look since I began losing weight by being high raw.  As much as I enjoy the comments I want to be healthy on a cellular level.

So, my hot sexy self is done with SAD.  I am making a commitment to myself and to my family to be healthy so they don't have to take care of me in my old age.  I am committing to eating in a way that will keep me happy and feeling good.

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