Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whew! Back in!

Wow!  I just spent 30 minutes trying to get back into my blog.  It's all pretty confusing and complicated to me.

Well,  I'm sad to say I have gained most of my weight back.  The reasons aren't obscure.  I know why.  But I have also had great weeks of solid 100% raw and liquid with little weight loss.

Someone suggested I might be low in Iodine and it is easy to test and see if this is my case.  Online I found several articles about low Iodine, which makes this all even more confusing since there is conflicting information out there.  Some of the authors had "Dr." in front of their name, but are they really?  Anyway, some say to test for low levels of Iodine I need to paint a patch of Iodine on my upper thigh, belly, or inside the upper arm.  If the Iodine fades quickly it means my body is low in Iodine.  Several foods were listed that should be eaten to bring levels up and several foods not to eat because they deplete Iodine levels.

Other articles stated the Iodine test isn't a true indication of Iodine levels.  That Iodine evaporates into the air faster than it soaks into the skin so the "fading" Iodine indicating a low level is actually due to evaporation.

Another article stated that a blood test is still not an accurate indicator of Iodine levels.  I read this to be kind of like a false/positive outcome.  The test could show you are fine in the Iodine levels but actually be too low.  (I would like to know what test is being used to determine a good outcome still might be wrong.)

Anyway, all this to say there is so much information out there and all of it is conflicting.  I will say if an article has a product to sell you to fix your problem, stay away.  It's just a commercial for their product.

It can't hurt to eat more sea vegetables, onions, radishes, watercress, eggs, and dairy.  Supplements listed to take are tyrosine, iodine, zinc, copper, and selenium.  Chomping on sea vegetables will be easy.  I chewed on some today and it has a pleasant flavor by itself.

A couple articles said brown sea vegetables are the best with red next best.  Here are the brown sea vegetables:  kelp, Focus (aka Bladder-wrack), Hijike, Sargassum.  Red sea vegetables:  dulce, nori, Irish Moss, Gracilaria.

I have heard of a couple of these.  The rest I'll do some research on and look at online sources.  Mountain Rose Herbs has several sea vegetables available.

The morale of this story:  do your own research.  Don't read just one online article written by someone you don't know, who may or may not be a real doctor of anything, and take their word as gospel.  Do your own legwork.  The internet is full of misinformation and it's mixed in with the good information.

Organic Kelp and Seaweed

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