Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Am I Focusing On Food Too Much?

Today was the first day of a 28 day raw cleanse.  I did great until dinner time, as usual.  This is a hard time to not eat for me.  I did choose to eat 1 cup of chili and a thick slice of toast with cream cheese.  But that's not my issue with today.

I felt like all I thought about was food.  Healthy raw food, but food none the less.  I don't want to focus on food.  Hopefully as the days go on food will be less of a focus and more of a... I don't even know what to write.  W.W. made me focus on food all day.  Maybe it's because I want to do well that my mind just constantly thinks about food.  I wasn't hungry today because of the delicious juices and salads I ate.  In fact, I probably should not have eaten the salads because I wasn't really hungry, just suffering from cabin fever and boredom.  Tomorrow I'll have another large pitcher of green juice to drink throughout the day and I'll be sure to only eat when my stomach is growly.

My bathroom walls need paint.  Maybe I'll just focus on that instead!

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